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Whether you own a restaurant, bar, tavern, pub, sports bar, catering company or banquet facility, ensuring you have the correct insurance in place is an important matter. As an owner of these facilities in Cincinnati, you’re open to great risks without the right types of coverage. Issues could arise involving being accused of over-serving an intoxicated customer as well as employees claiming an on the job injury. At Christenson Lewis Insurance, our staff lives and works in Cincinnati, and we take a personal interest in every client we serve.

A Local Agency to Serve You

It can be a great advantage to have a local agency working with you. We are easily contacted, we personally care about making certain that you have the correct level of coverage, and we take the time to show you everything you need to know, and all of the options available to you.

You may have a current policy in place and are hoping to get a better deal. We know the bottom line is always a concern, and can create a custom policy that best suits the needs of your enterprise. Protection for liquor liability, general liability and property insurance are all important. It is our job to find you the policy that is most affordable, gives you the highest level of coverage, and truly matches the needs of your business.

Risk Protection in Cincinnati for Restaurant and Bar Owners

Any owner of a bar or restaurant or similar facility faces certain challenges. You are open to specific risks and legal exposure. There can be legal repercussions that are expensive to deal with. Protection against legal threats is part of the process. Having each layer of insurance in place could save your business from financial ruin, under certain circumstances.

Most bar and restaurant owners don’t enjoy paying for their policies, but when an incident occurs, they are hugely relieved to know that they are covered and won’t suffer financial ruin. From a small enterprise to a fine dining establishment and everything in between, we can help. We can explain the various policies and coverages, including property contents, general liability, loss of income coverages, protection for your signage, for hired or rented vehicles, liquor liability, and others. Find out more about how our local team in Cincinnati can serve you. We are easily contacted and are proud to be of service to you. We want to assist you in gaining all the insurance protection you need, and can create custom policies that will match your situation.

Contact our local Cincinnati team at Christenson Lewis Insurance to talk to one of our friendly, professional staff. We are here to serve the Cincinnati area as well as bar and restaurant owners throughout the state of Ohio.

August 6th, 2014 by Christenson Lewis Insurance